Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My debut to the blogging world

Hello everyone!
My name is Alyssa, and I am brand new to the blogging world.
This is me :)

I am a College student who has a passion for anything beautiful. The pursuit of this passion is relatively new though. I could never afford to splurge on what I lusted after. There were always more important things to pay for, such as rent and food (haha). Now that I find myself with a new job, I can afford to give in to my indulgences now and then. Since this is my first ever blog post I may as well jump in with both feet.
I live in an area where getting to a mall is no easy feat. The closest thing to a mall is about 45 minutes away from my house. And that is on a good day without any weather hazards. So needless to say, I do almost all of my shopping online. When I was browsing through the Sephora website I noticed a new Too Faced palette that I had to check out. It is called Natural at Night. It is a beautiful array of champagne looking colors mixed with browns to give any look depth. I ordered it from Ulta and I will have to do a review on that later. What made me interested in the first place is that I already have the Too Faced Natural Eye palette.
Too Faced Natural Eye:
Heaven-matte vanilla
Silk Teddy- shimmer pink champagne
Nude Beach- gold glitter pink champagne
Velvet Revolver- matte tawny
Push up- shimmer gold/brown
Honey Pot- shimmer gold
Sexpresso- matte dark brown
Erotica- dark brown with gold shimmer
Cocoa Puff- brown with gold shimmer
It also contains three how-to cards for creating day, classic and fashion inspired looks.
What I noticed about this palette is that it, and the Urban Decay Naked palette are strikingly similar.
Urban Decay Naked palette
Virgin-frosted white/vanilla
Sin-(my favorite color) frosty champagne
Naked- matte tawny
Sidecar- glitter tan
Buck- matte brown
Half baked-(other fav) shimmer gold
Smog- brown with gold shimmer
Darkhorse-taupe brown with gold flake
Toasted- pinky taupe
Hustle- purple taupe
Creep-almost black grey with small silver glitter
Gunmetal- steel grey with chunky silver glitter
There are different pros and cons when it comes to each product.
The Naked palette comes with 12 colors as well as a brush and sample of their infamous Eye Shadow Primer Potion. The brush is a nice quality but the bristles are a little stiff. The packaging is felt which tends to gather lint. It is also a magnetic closure which I personally really like. Then inside there is a small mirror for if you with to bring it on the go. However it is $50 which is pretty expensive for eye shadow.
The Natural Eye palette comes with 9 colors and 3 how-to cards. It also is a magnetic closure. However the satin tab that was attached to make opening it easier fell out of mine. And there is no mirror so you will need to bring a separate one if you wish to take it with you. What makes me want to jump and shout about this product is that it is only $36!!!
The price difference is striking seeing as there are many similar colors and is $14 less than the Urban Decay one. The Too Faced line also has A LOT of different palettes to choose from. The Urban Decay only has two naked palettes to choose from.
If you are looking for a nice product but can't spend $50 at the moment, reach for this Too Faced Natural Eye Palette. With it you will be able to recreate almost any look made with the Naked palette.

Have a wonderful day :)
Thank you for taking an interest 


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  2. Very excited for you, Alyssa! My daughter and I will look forward to reading your blog. We are intrigued and already VERY impressed!!!

  3. @The Leightons
    Thank you so much for your support! I really appreciate it :)