Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Friday! And a little accessory that has stolen my heart

As of late, I have become slightly obsessed with ear cuffs. I haven't bought one yet, but I fell in L.O.V.E. with one I found on (I'll put all links below). Maybe it's just because I live close to the Puget Sound, but theres just something about this octopus that sparks my interest.

This little beauty has captured my heart
GAH! I think it is just fabulous! I love how it looks like it is slowly slithering down her ear. The ends of the tentacles curling up at the ends to give it a delicate touch. I wish it could just magically appear in my jewelry box :)

A great thing about these cuffs are that you don't have to have the middle cartilage pierced! Just the lobe of your ear. By the looks of it you just pinch the cuff to fit your ear.

I looked around a bit and found a few that are more in my price range.

I really like the edgy vibe that this spiked ear cuff gave. This is $18. I also like all the chains it has draped from the cuff to the stud.

Finally, a metal feather ear cuff. There is just something I really enjoy about the idea of a weightless feather made of heavy metal. The cool thing about this one is that if you do have your cartilage pierced, there is an option for using a stud.

Here is where you can find these beauties or contact their makers :)

What do you guys think about this earring fad?

Cuff love,


  1. wow, i want it all! ! Especially the spiked ear cuff ones. Great post! I am new to blogging and I'm having a giveaway. Please check it out. I am going to follow you now, hope you return the follow =)