Tuesday, December 10, 2013

5 Essential Beauty Tools

Hi All,
The holidays are coming up and if your family is like mine, they are asking for your list.
Brushes can get a little pricy, so why not ask for them as gifts!
Here are 5 brushes anyone that wears makeup should have in their possession.

Beauty Blender
Use when wet to blend in liquid foundation, concealer, liquid highlighter... basically flawlessly blends in any liquid product. I personally dab on my foundation then blend it out with this baby using the rounded end. Then I flip it and blend out my under eye concealer with the pointy end. Because you use it wet, you have better control over how much product goes on your face. When the liquid makeup combines with the moisture in the sponge it dilutes it slightly, allowing less product to go further. You can also build coverage in the areas you want to be more covered up.

Large powder brush
... need I say more? I like to set the oily areas of my face with a powder, just in case. The large powder brush picks up enough product to make a difference, but not so much you look caked. Can be used for face powder, blush, bronzer, luminizer etc. You can even pinch the bristles together to contour. Very versatile, very necessary.

Pro Blending Fluff
The most versatile brush you will ever own for your eyes. You can use it to sweep an all over color over your lid. Or for precise blending in the crease. This is comparable to the brushes at MAC or Sigma, but its less then $5.

MUFE medium precision smudger blending brush.
I love to use this to smudge color under my bottom lashes and blend out the color to give my bottom lashes definition with out looking too heavy. It can also be used to apply highlight to the inner corner of the eye. Or even to blend darker colors into the outer V of the eyelids.

Cuticle scissors.
Can be found at any local drugstore.
These may not be a "brush" but they will be the most handy thing to keep in your beauty area. I use mine to trim my eyebrows, scraggly hairs from my makeup brushes, split ends, tags from new clothes... and sometimes my cuticles too. Tweezers are just as important, but don't have as many uses.

Those would be my top 5 basic beauty must have tools. It was a lot harder to decide what my top tools would be then I thought. Each brush has a different purpose and different ways they can be utilized. These I figure are the most basic and versatile of the brushes I have. Is there anything you would add to this list?
Lots of love