Friday, July 20, 2012

Nail polish collection and storage

Hello beauties,

As some of my close friends know, I am somewhat addicted to nail polish. I love finding original colors as well as classic ones. Trying new brands and finishes is like a hobby for me.

I have also found a way to store all of my polish that I really like. So I thought I would share just what nail polishes I have (so far) and how I keep it all contained.

This is the carrier that I keep everything in. I got it at Target for like $12, gotta love Target. It is the perfect size to store nail polish while keeping them all upright. It fits nice under my bed too so it stays out of sight.

In the top layer, I keep all of my nail care related products. In the top left I have two nail files, on the right I have three different sizes of nail clippers. The yellow case is a travel nail care case my Nana gave me when I went away to college. I have both nail polish remover and cotton balls. The bottom right is a nail decorating kit that has a bunch of different jewels. I also keep my base coat and top coat in this container. I use OPI nail envy nail strengthener for my base coat. I like OPI top coat for... well my top coat.

In the bottom part, I keep all of my nail polishes. I kind of organize them by brand. I noticed that OPI and Essie are my favorite brands. I also have a lot of sinful colors, its hard not to, they're only $2. My collection may not look very big, but it is swiftly growing. Just today I received my first Butter London nail polish in Cheeky Chops from amazon. I am really excited to use it! It is a nice banana yellow.

I also swatched all of the polishes and tried to write in my best scrunched sharpie handwriting.

I took these photos on my phone. I also used natural light, there are no filters used on the pictures. It is kind of difficult to tell the actual color of some of the swatches, but it is helpful for when I, or a friend of mine is looking for a particular color.

I have a feeling I am going to have to buy another container soon to keep my collection contained.

That's all i have for now
Lots of love,

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Take a Trip to St. Tropez

Hello lovelies,

Take a trip with me to the gorgeous beaches of St. Tropez and gaze into the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean off the coast of southern France..... (le sigh)

Or we can at least look like we did.

May I introduce you to....

This is the St. Tropez bronzing mousse.

It is the ONLY self tanner I have found that is completely streak free. I've always been very weary about self tanners because of all the strange colors I have ended up or the tell tale white blotches that I missed. In the past I have opted for gradual tanners, like the very so popular Jergans gradual tan lotion. But it never had the color pay off I was looking for. Also I would frequently forget to put it on, so the gradual-ness was lost on me.

So for the past year or so I have been looking for an affordable self tanner. And after a bit of research I decided to try out the St. Tropez bronzing mousse. The mousse has such a light and airy texture. The formula glides on to your skin.

It has directions on the back that are easy to follow.
1) Exfoliate
2) Moisturize rough areas such as hands elbows and feet
3) Protect hairline and eyebrows with additional moisturizer
4) Apply from top to toe (it even hints to use generously to ensure no missed areas)
5) Air dry (aka: run around naked) for 60 seconds
6) Keep on for 4 hours then shower the excess away.

When I got mine, I didn't realize there was an option to buy the mitt that they sell. I really wish I had bought one. I just use my hands for now. The first time I used it, my hands were a bit discolored because I didn't wash them quick enough. The second time I used it, I washed my hands too well and ended up with stark white hands. The mitt is supposed to eliminate this problem. But for now I make do.

This is my arm and hand BEFORE St. Tropez bronzing mousse.
It looks a little more pink than white, but you get the idea.

This is after! This is only one coat of the tanner. It can be built up to be much darker as well.

I took these pictures outside so you can get the best idea of the color in natural light.

Well, that seems to be all for now!

Lots Of Love,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For all of the "fat" skinny girls

Hello lovelies,
This post I dedicate to all of us "fat" skinny girls. You know what I am talking about... the dreaded C word...... No not that that one (I know what you're thinking!) I'm talking about cellulite.

Even some of the tiniest girls out there have those awful little dimples on the back of their legs. Even worse, bikini and shorts season is here. Never fret, I have done some research and have personally tested a product that gives serious results!

Now I feel that I am pretty self confidant, but I am not confidant enough to post the back of my legs on the world wide Internet. So I apologize for not doing a before and after photo.

But I WILL show you my new summer essential.

This little duo by Bliss is their fat girl slim and fat girl sleep creams. If you cant already tell, one is for the daytime and the other is for at night. Working together, they give you smoother trouble areas. Now I'm not saying this will make you skinnier. It uses caffeine along with a multitude of other products, to make your skin firmer. Essentially "puffing up" the dimpled skin that has collapsed.

I started off using this product every day twice a day. And it worked really well. But it is a pretty pricey item to continually use. Now I use it before I know I will be in a swim suit or short shorts. Like any cream, it doesn't deliver permanent results. But after I quit using it every day and started using it two or three times a week, it seems to be enough to maintain a look I can live with.

Well, that seems to be all I have to share for now.

'Till next time lovelies,