Friday, July 20, 2012

Nail polish collection and storage

Hello beauties,

As some of my close friends know, I am somewhat addicted to nail polish. I love finding original colors as well as classic ones. Trying new brands and finishes is like a hobby for me.

I have also found a way to store all of my polish that I really like. So I thought I would share just what nail polishes I have (so far) and how I keep it all contained.

This is the carrier that I keep everything in. I got it at Target for like $12, gotta love Target. It is the perfect size to store nail polish while keeping them all upright. It fits nice under my bed too so it stays out of sight.

In the top layer, I keep all of my nail care related products. In the top left I have two nail files, on the right I have three different sizes of nail clippers. The yellow case is a travel nail care case my Nana gave me when I went away to college. I have both nail polish remover and cotton balls. The bottom right is a nail decorating kit that has a bunch of different jewels. I also keep my base coat and top coat in this container. I use OPI nail envy nail strengthener for my base coat. I like OPI top coat for... well my top coat.

In the bottom part, I keep all of my nail polishes. I kind of organize them by brand. I noticed that OPI and Essie are my favorite brands. I also have a lot of sinful colors, its hard not to, they're only $2. My collection may not look very big, but it is swiftly growing. Just today I received my first Butter London nail polish in Cheeky Chops from amazon. I am really excited to use it! It is a nice banana yellow.

I also swatched all of the polishes and tried to write in my best scrunched sharpie handwriting.

I took these photos on my phone. I also used natural light, there are no filters used on the pictures. It is kind of difficult to tell the actual color of some of the swatches, but it is helpful for when I, or a friend of mine is looking for a particular color.

I have a feeling I am going to have to buy another container soon to keep my collection contained.

That's all i have for now
Lots of love,

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  1. Hey, I have looked around and cannot find a container like this. I searched and dont see it. How long ago did you purchase it?