Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Brushes!!

Well Hello!!

A couple weeks ago I received a package in the mail that I have long been waiting for.

It was from Sigma brand makeup brushes. I have needed new makeup brushes for awhile. I will buy one here or there. But honestly, I have needed a new set. I didn't take good care of most of my brushes from high school and most leave me with a "beard" from all of the fall-out.

So I did my research and MAC brushes seem to be the best on the market. However there was also a lot of hype about these Sigma brushes. Not to mention they were much more affordable than a set of MAC brushes. So one day I found myself online (weird I know) and decided to just go for it. No more putting off the inevitable and I got the Complete kit as well as the dry n' shape holder-thing.
This is the complete kit. The pink brush to the side is the free gift that they sent me! While I am grateful, I had already bought this same brush except full size in the kit. Anyways, the kit comes with 4 face brushes and 8 eye brushes.
I wanted to try them all out for awhile and decide how I liked them before I did a blog post about them. I must say I am pretty impressed!
But out of all 12 brushes, 1 has severely disappointed me. After I spent a butt-load of money on makeup brushes, I expected them all to be at a certain standard. But the F50 brush leaves more stray hairs behind than my old brushes! (it is the second on the left in the top row)
I am determined to make it work though, I use it exclusively for stippling on foundation and then spreading it out with a different brush (which is from Costco and is better quality)
(Me pouting)

Other then that, I love the rest of them. Especially the F30, E70 and E40. I use these daily.

Well, now that I have invested in my brushes, I need to take better care of them.
I am very impatient when it comes to washing my makeup brushes because I feel like they take forever to dry. Then I can't use them the next day because they are drying and my whole makeup routine is just off.

Insert the sigma dry n' shape system.

It has 12 different slots that come in different sizes for different brushes. Then at the top there are individual elastic bands where the bristles of a brush slide into. I have used is a couple times and so far lives up to its claim of drying brushes in 4-6 hours. However I usually wash my brushes at night and leave them over night to dry.

Well I am off to Olive Garden with my Hunny for our four year anniversary date :)

As my Nana says, LOL
Lots OLove,



  1. I have been really curious about the sigma brushes. I might have to try those out. Congratulations on your anniversary!


  2. Thank you! I would suggest trying them, but maybe stay away from the F50 it looks like I might not be the only one that has a problem with that brush. But the rest are awesome!