Monday, July 13, 2015

Chop Chop

I did it, I actually did it!!
 I cut 6 to 8 inches off of my hair!!

After months of consideration and a patiently trying to wait out growing my poor damaged and overly processed hair, I finally was fed up. Over the past two years I went from a foiled blonde, to a sombre, to a full on ombre, back to partial foils then, an all over blonde. Some lucky people out there can put their hair through hell and high water, I on the other hand can not.
I noticed almost immediately after trying to go blonde that all of my ends were breaking off. My hair felt crusty and  Needless to say it was a trying experience. I had these chunks of hair that were 3-4 inches long and the rest was about chest length... It was no good haha. So I decided to color my hair dark and try to grow it out to a healthy length again.
Years worth of blonde foils, still healthy long
Ombre, after previously trying sombre
The length I finally had grown my hair to before deciding to go for the big cut!
I am loving having short hair, but I've come to realize its a bit more work than it is when its long. My hair texture is very fine and naturally straight. So now that its short, I think it looks better with a bit of curl and texture. I cant just quickly run a flat iron through it or throw it in a ponytail.  I actually have to put some effort into my hairstyle.
I may keep it short, or try to grow it long (and hopefully healthy), what do you think?

Much Love,

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